Overall image

We were able to live up to the owner’s desire “to have customers enjoy an easygoing, relaxing atmosphere with delicious sushi” by sticking to color, material, and fine tuning adjustments as requested.
To depict the delicacy, forcefulness, and flexibility of Japan, we have boldly used a living tree louver as the ceiling.
For the counter, we completed it without using tinting or coloration, but used a daily changing tree color for enjoyment.
We were met with many challenges such as creating textured tiles that matched our needs, washing out the walls, and others.
The furniture is laid out so that customers can sit and enjoy dinner.

The first floor is counter only, directing the dramatic with a light in the upstream of the counter
The entrance was treated with trees with full glass and balanced with the whole

Ceiling louver
Make a design and order to a furniture store

Challenge for new things

I could not find the tiles of the taste I expected in Cambodia, making it by making molds, making walls for washing out to express Japanese, etc. It became a property with many challenges.

Second floor table seating
Wall pattern