New interior: redecorating an old wooden house

The design and its execution were based on the concept that we want many people to eat delicious seafood in an easy way. The client’s detailed opinions are reflected in many places. Since it was a very old wooden house, there were many troubles in redecorating it.

The Entire Image

We considered the texture of the material important, so good quality of wood was kept. We selected the kind of wood that suits that image, and retro indirect lights were placed.

The fish swimming on the long concrete wall is handmade. We asked its production in Siem Reap. The wall has become a catchy wall that gives the feel of motion. The bare concrete wall which would normally look stark is beautifully decorated by it.

Original fittings were specially made for this project. We made retro fittings so as to suit the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The “Exhibition Kitchen” with a wide opening located at the entrance is based on the conception that the presence of cooks preparing dishes will make dishes made from fresh fish taste better.

2nd floor wall

Sakana LaB photoThe seats on the first floor are in booths. Booths are separated by tall backrests and screens.

The second floor also has seats on table seats and terraces