Interior decors that have been gradually altered with the times and the way of living. They play an important role of enriching food, clothing and housing. 89furniture aims for the designs that is not affected by the trends, and the furniture that can be used for a long time and we produce furniture at your request.

Shaving the surface of the old wood and exposing the original wood surface. Thoroughly dried wood withstands water exposure and won’t let insects in. We shave carefully and reuse it.

As you use the furniture, it increases the charm over time, and we color and shave it again so you even treasure the scratch on it. In order to make such furniture, we shave the tough Cambodian old wood carefully and expose new wood surface and use it.

When you need new furniture for a little bit of accent in your daily life, for a present to celebrate, for room makeovers, or for your new house, please feel free to contact 89furniture.

Cable box

We also produce cute small things such as a box for an electric code that retains the image of the room and a holder to dry and store dishes fashionably.

Asking about your images, we decide the dimensions and size.

Contact us from here for the order of furniture.

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