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What I have in my mind in creating a space.

In creating a space, we always try to visualize the purpose of the space, who will be there and what kind of atmosphere will be created. All we can create is a “Place”. A new life is going to reside in the space when people stand and move around there, and ” Good space・beautiful space” will be completed. And in return, the space makes people lively. I think such a positive circulation will be created.

What is needed to create a good space is a teamwork on site. To do this, we need such human resource as each staff member has an independent way of thinking. In Cambodia, unexpected troubles often occur. They have to learn the criteria taking a long time as to how to cope with the trouble for the good of customers on site.

It is important to establish a system to take a leadership of belief and creed and create a sense of advancement along with a lot of experience on a case-by-case basis. Also,human resources development is a big key word. However, we are different humans born and raised in a completely different environment, so I think it is essential for a long-lasting company to establish a regulation based on the new theory suitable for this country taking their way of thinking into consideration instead of imposing things I have experienced in Japan.

There are a lot of things I can learn from failures, so I work hard earnestly every day hoping to repay our customers by making continuous efforts and improving our skills.

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