Facade and shop

With the theme of “Asian white” chalk, tropical trees and flowers are planted in the garden, and between the two gates is a fountain of water. The two gates mean that cultures differ and styles differ but that it leads to the same paradise.

The coloring of the inside of the shop is chic so that the history of the making of the products can be felt. Appliances and articles of furniture and the traffic lines are considered, and various positioning of the lights was tried with the help of the staff of the shop so that customers can enjoy shopping comfortably. That was precious experience for me too.

With white as the basic tone, glass is used so that bright light comes into the shop.

Shelves that can be used for exhibition purposes were placed behind the cashier’s counter too. Original Khmer tiles were specially made for the floor of this shop.

The shelves were specially made too. We attached doors to the part under the shelves so that things can be stored there.

café 「Khmer Time」

In accordance with the owner’s intention, the café is simple but light, and it leads to the garden. We made the environment of the café so that locals can enter without hesitation. The delicately designed chairs are based on an idea proposed by a staff person of the café. We designed the entire café including such contents as the menu, signs inside the shop, POP ads, etc.